Principle for Warming up of Concrete Pump Truck

Posted On: 22/03/2018 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

As known to all, concrete pump trucks should go through a warming up step before working normally. If you start a pump truck in winter, it takes longer time for warming up because of extreme temperatures.
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The purpose of warming up is to make the temperature of hydraulic oil get higher and the viscosity get lower. The principle is a little more complicated. In the operation of hydraulic pump, the bearings and oil distribution disc will produce heat because of kinetic friction. The heat will be passed to hydraulic oil of the surrounding areas. The temperature of the oil will get higher and correspondingly its viscosity will get lower. When the liquidity of the oil gets to a larger degree, operators can adjust the swash plate slightly to make the oil flow gradually to the oil hydraulic circuit. Because the oil is of higher temperature, the hydraulic motor and colder oil become hotter, too. After a period of time, oil in the whole pumping system of a concrete pump truck gets to the temperature suitable for operation, and the whole warming up is finished.
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