How to Maintain Pump Concrete Motor in Winter

Posted On: 04/04/2018 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

  It’s really crucial to maintain pump concrete in winter when temperature drops to minus 30 degrees in some places. Maintenance of the motor, key component of a pump, proves to be the most important part. Some clients buy pump concrete in warm days and never think about how to tackle the problem of low temperature in winter. Generally speaking, most building construction projects cease once it’s too cold for people and machines to continue working. Then how to keep a the motor through long winter?
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  You may as well follow the following steps to keep your pump concrete motor well. First, discharge cooling water in the motor. As known to all, water freezes easily in temperature below zero degree and the ice will take up more space than previous water. Enlarged size of ice gives much pressure to the tank walls which might be damaged. Second, change the old engine oil with new oil. Used engine oil contains corrosive materials that can rust metal components of the pump concrete motor, while new engine oil, of medium state, is deprived of such a property. Third, the fuel tank should be filled with diesel oil to prevent the tank from getting rusty. If possible corrosion remover should be added to the oil. Fourth, you should start the motor once a month during the whole winter and drive the pump for a few minutes. This helps to form new oil films among components and avoid rust. Last but not least, the pump concrete should be kept off water or snow. It’s recommended to leave it under safe covers or sheds so that metal devices won’t go rusty because of moisture.

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