How to Maintain Ready Mix Concrete Pump

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The ready mix concrete and pump is a heavy mechanical equipment, mainly used to transport concrete from the concrete mixer truck to high-rise buildings, bridges and tunnels. Concrete pump trailer has many advantages: It has high efficiency. The hydraulic system of the pump trailer can transport concrete to higher buildings or tunnels at high pressure, thereby improving work efficiency and reducing construction time.

The hydraulic system is the most critical part of the concrete pump, and it is inextricably linked to the pumping effect of the equipment. Although the concrete pumps produced by Haomei Machinery adopt quality main oil pumps imported from Germany's Hawe, Rexroth, and Japan's Kawasaki, is still needs to be maintained frequently.

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The steps for maintaining the concrete pump are to check whether the hydraulic pipeline is leaking. If there is oil leakage, it needs to be tightened. If it continues to leak after tightening, the corresponding parts need to be replaced. Check whether the bolts and nuts of the hydraulic system, especially the high-pressure pipeline, are loose. If they are loose, they should be tightened immediately.

Check the hydraulic oil. The suitable ambient temperature for the hydraulic system should be within 30 degrees Celsius and well ventilated. If the oil temperature is still over 70 degrees Celsius after the radiator is turned on, the hydraulic system will fail. The hydraulic system should be repaired before continuing to work.

When refueling for the first time, the oil level in the hydraulic oil tank should be checked, and the oil should be added when the oil level is low. The color of the hydraulic oil can be observed to determine whether the hydraulic oil has deteriorated. If it is non-transparent or discolored, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time.

In addition to checking the hydraulic pipelines and hydraulic oil, the following aspects of the hydraulic concrete pump also need to be checked: the movement of each hydraulic control part should be flexible and the connection should be reliable. The valve group of the concrete pump hydraulic system works sensitively and has no neutral position. The system working pressure meets the requirements of the manual.

The cooling pump works effectively, the oil temperature does not exceed 80℃, the pipeline connection should be reliable, without rust, deformation, aging, damage, and oil leakage. The hydraulic oil type, oil quality, oil quantity and use comply with relevant regulations. The working capacity of the main oil pump should reach the rated value.

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