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concrete pump trailer rental


Electrical system of concrete pump trailer rental:

With a programmable logic controller (PLC), which takes theplace of many relays, time relays, which not only greatly reducescomponents but also simplifies wiring in the system, In combinationwith PLC, a visual display can indicate the status of input andoutput

Equipped with remote control which makes it convenient tooperate from a long distance

Fitting the proximity switches help to realize automaticdirection changeover

Cooling system of concrete pump trailer rental:

Compulsory air-cooled heat exchanger keeps the temperature ofthe hydraulic oil below 60, that ensures the whole hydraulic systemworks at normal status

Hydraulic system of concrete pump trailer rental:

Both the main pumping and S-valve are open-circuits, each isdriven by a pump, which makes the two circuits independent to eachother

Proximity switch used to control the direction of the mainpumping makes changeover steady and reliable

Special safety devices, such as relief valve, pressure cut-offcontrol, alarming system and auto-reversing etc, promise the systemto be more reliable than ever

Driven by the constant pressure pump with an accumulator, theswivel cylinder can get enough moment and saves power at the sametime

With electrical solenoid or hydraulic direction valve, theswitching from high pressure to low pressure becomes easy and quickto operate

Less hydraulic leakage

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